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MARVICON is a forwarding & transport company, which has started up in 2015, at Oradea, following a private Belgian capital investment. It is also part of BE-TRANS Group, which has been established in 1998.

By the end of 2016, we had already 20 trucks, all Euro 6. This number will increase gradually, following a development plan, thus meeting the demands of our clients. We are specialized in sea containers transport, and we do this kind of transport between all major ports in Europe. Aside from container transport, we also have curtain trailers transport, which is used for transport between Romania and Europe. All of our trucks have an on-board computer with satellite monitoring. This allows us to follow each truck at all times. All transport documents are also scanned and linked via barcodes to the relevant trip.

All our employees ( office, planners, drivers ), receive a specific training when they start, and then periodical, at any time needed, to meet always the demands of the new laws, or the new demands of our clients.

In the hope that the above arguments persuaded you to start a business relationship with us, we invite you to contact us via the “Contact” button, or directly at our office in Oradea, where you will be welcomed by our friendly staff.



“ I like to work with company Marvicon. The employees are always in a good mood and you can always call them for help! “

Combinex B.V.
Laurens van Dijke


“Always a pleasure to work with Marvicon,
Reliable partner and helping find the best options and solutions for your transports. “

Combinex B.V.
Allard de Jong


“ Marvicon is our reliable and professional transport partner. “

Radim Zástěra
Vedoucí oddělení - Rest of Europe


"Marvicon SRL is a fast and reliable partner.
The cooperation is pleasant and easy.
The dispatchers are competent and have very often
the right solutions "

LOXX Logistics GmbH
Christian Tache

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